Why You Should Own A Sex Toy: The Amazing Benefits And More

By | May 31, 2021

Sex toys are not new to this world. Stocking up on phallic-shaped goodies and other forms of stimulation is not a thing of the modern age. Believe it or not, the first presence of sex toys can be easily traced back to pre-historic times, over 30,000 years ago. So what’s stopping us from owning one in the age of complete sexual liberation? 

Many still shy away from having their own mini toys or even bigger ones. The fear of judgement and embarrassment has always stopped us going into the very nice erotic shop on the corner. Sometimes, we are too scared to even go through the online shop with gazillion sex toys for women and men. But what’s stopping us?

The world has uncovered so many benefits of using sex toys. They are now accessible and largely normalized in many parts of the world. Couples are excited to have their hands on different types of toys but couples are not the only ones with the right to explore their sexuality. Everyone should own a very unique sex toy of their own.

Sex Toys Improve Your Confidence 

Owning a sex toy has a significant impact on our own self-image and confidence. Believe it or not, being empowered with sex toys and being pleasured by them helps us love the wonders of our bodies. The more we realize the realms of pleasure, the more we learn to be satisfied with ourselves. Having sex toys also gives you great insight into what exactly satisfies you the most. Using it helps us learn more and more about ourselves and what we enjoy the most. This not only helps our sex life but it helps us be more confident in our erogenous zones. 

Sex Toys Can Improve Our Health

Sex toys have so many health benefits. They boost up our cognitive skills, brainpower, lower blood pressure, fix our sexual dysfunctions, help our lower libido and even alleviate the conditions of post surgeries. Women who use sex toys reported a higher drive in their libido and decreased conditions of vaginal dysfunctions such as vaginal dryness and so on. As for men, sex toys such as penile suction devices and strap-on gives men the ability to have penetrative sex, despite any erectile dysfunctions. 

Sex Toys Make Masturbation And Sex Fun 

Sex toys is always double the fun when involved in our sexual games. It is not only fun when you have sexual intercourse with a partner, but it is also enjoyable by ourselves. New dialogues and pleasurable zones open with the introduction of sex toys. The introduction also greatly improves the communication between one another, which in turn greatly changes the sex life of the couple.

Sex toys have been with us for ages. They help us own up to our kinks and fantasies, all while improving the communication and intimacy between our partners. The number of benefits is unlimited and there is simply no excuse to miss out on owning a wonderful sex toy!