Why Should You Choose Tupperware?

By | November 14, 2021

If you look closely at people who are on vacation, they often bring food and drinks to eat together at tourist attractions. The containers they used to hold the supplies varied, of course, but what really stood out was that they used Tupperware products a lot as a place to store their food and drinks.

What Exactly is Tupperware?

Tupperware is a plastic product that is of high quality, hygienic, safe and healthy and airtight that can preserve food. This product was developed by Earl Silas Tupper in the USA in 1947. This product is guaranteed for life. Tupperware became known in Indonesia in 1978.

Tupperware products are now available in more than 120 countries using a direct selling system with the concept of selling through demonstrations or selling parties (currently, Tupperware Party takes place almost every 2 seconds in the world).

Why Tupperware

Tupperware apart from being a healthy and hygienic container, of course, also in terms of its beautiful and unique and elegant design.

Tupperware has promos for items that are cheaper every month at regular catalog prices.

So when we buy Tupperware during a promo, the price will be cheaper

Tupperware airtight container advantages / advantages

1. Already Meet The Standard

Tupperware airtight container

Every product must have a standard, as well as this plastic cutlery product. Tupperware lunch boxes are products that have received permission from various forums such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in America and EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) in Europe, so they are guaranteed safe.

2. Has a Patented Brand Symbol

If you look at the bottom of the food area, the trademark symbol will be listed, namely M for trade mark or R for registered. This symbol means that the product you are using already has a patent and can be guaranteed authenticity. If there is no symbol, it means the product is a fake product.

Tupperware lunchboxes wear the R or registered logo. This means that this dining area box has been registered and its quality is unquestionable.

3. Lifetime Warranty

Which other lunch box company can offer a lifetime warranty? It seems that only the Tupperware Company dares to give a forever warranty. If your Tupperware product is damaged due to use, you can exchange it to the nearest Tupperware bureau for a replacement. The existence of this guarantee shows the company is serious about satisfying its customers.

4. Has Many Attractive Designs

The Tupperware lunch box has an attractive design. Not only the shape, the motif is also compound and can be adjusted to your needs. For small children, for example, you can choose a lunch box with a favorite cartoon character design. That way, children will be more enthusiastic about eating culinary in the container.

5. Easy to Clean

Tupperware airtight container

Most plastic food boxes have problems that are difficult to clean, especially after being used to place oily food. It takes extra effort to get rid of this oily stain. However, Tupperware lunchboxes are different from regular dining areas. This container is easy to clean because it is made of quality material.

6. Easy to Store

Tupperware lunch boxes are also popular for being more compact and easy to store. You can place the lunch box in a bag or it can also be placed in a special bag provided by the manufacturer for each of these dining area box products. Don’t forget, the design of this particular bag is usually very attractive and eye catching.