What Makes A Good Location?

By | June 25, 2021

When you are asked buyers or even sellers, and agents about what makes the real estate worth it, they will tell you it is the location. Location matters so much when choosing our dream home or condo. Whether it is in the suburbs of Pulau Indah or inner corners of the city, what matters is how valuable the location is. There are several factors that determine a good location. A good location goes beyond the surrounding schools and convenience stores.

A person must take a closer look at where they are placing their money depending on the factors that influence the desirability of the location.  There are thousands of blogs and resources that are ready to guide you. After all, the estate you are looking at is more than just a house. It is going to be your home where you raise your children, drive them to school, form a new social circle, build new projects and make some precious memories. A good location can make all the difference to all of your experiences with the house.

So what are some of these factors that turn the location from bad to good?

Services Available

A good location is defined by its surroundings. Does the surrounding include all the services and amenities that you are looking for? Perhaps the bigger question is how accessible are you to all of these services. Living in a city such as Pulau Indah means you have a wide variety of available services, but is the location in such an area where accessibility is possible? How long does it take to reach you to these places? Are there a lot of uninhabited homes around the area? This may be a sign of a lack of amenities and services in the location. 


How popular is the location among people? Most home buyers are friends with a pool of people who are also thinking about buying homes. They are aware of what’s good, bad, and desirable. So, if a name’s mentioned how popular is the name around you? A safe one can be easily pinpointed just as an unsafe one is. The news that surrounds the neighborhood and central area are crucial to your decision.  

Development And Progression 

How has the location developed over the past few years? Does the progression indicate future developmental projects? When buying a new home, always look out for locations where development plans include your amenities. Such a good hospital, clinics, veterinarians, schools and even public transportation. Is there a train station nearby or if not, will it be there in the future? These things affect the value of the property and it should impact your decision as well. 

The Neighborhood 

The neighborhood also makes a location a good and a bad location. Consider the appearance of the neighborhood along with the accessibility of the neighborhood to the city centers and so on. When your neighborhood is far too remote it makes your commute to work, school or even other fun places so much more difficult. Visiting your friends and family becomes a burden when your neighborhood is also tucked away. Another point to look at is how beautiful the neighborhood is. Does it have a lot of clean hygienic parks? Is it pedestrian-friendly and even pet-friendly? Depending on the type of look you desire, you may choose the perfect location.