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By | November 24, 2021
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Laboratories, private or otherwise, have served as hubs of innovation and advancement since their conceptualization. Every big pharmaceutical company, tech company, and research institute has its own laboratory where they have broken the stratosphere and gone above and beyond. Laboratories are where dreams become reality, concepts become proven theses, and the progress of history is changed. Laboratories have always played a major role in the revolutionary expansion of disciplines of science, information, and technology among others. The impact that labs have had on the rate of progress cannot be alienated when talking about the overall transformation of the world. 

An indispensable factor of any laboratory is the laboratory furniture that is present inside the laboratory. Laboratory furniture refers to various surfaces such as bolted balance tables and wheeled stools that are integral to the processes that are carried out in a laboratory regardless of whether the lab is a wet one or dry. There are multiple firms for laboratory furniture in Malaysia. One such firm is the MDC Planners. 

MCD Planners have a five step process for tackling any and all projects they take up. Research, site assessment, conceptual design, pre approval, and implementation. 

MDC Planners provide laboratory consultancy, medical equipment planners, project management and planning, containment facilities, and laboratory safety assessment.  They are also trusted laboratory furniture manufacturers in Malaysia. A laboratory is only as good as furniture that is used in it. Laboratory furniture ensures that an experiment is carried out as comfortably as possible.  In order to maintain pristine experimental conditions the furniture present in the labs have to be sturdy and easy to maintain. 

lab furniture manufacturers malaysia

Some of the most common furniture pieces that are seen in a laboratory are, 

  1. Laboratory Balance Table.

A laboratory balance table is used for analytical balances and other sensitive measuring equipment. A laboratory balance table needs to provide superior stability for highly calibrated equipment. It consists of a heavy slab of concrete that has been specially mounted on a supporting construction.  

  1. Single Way Faucet. 

Single way faucets are incredibly integral to the many experiments that take place in chemistry dependent and biology dependent labs. This is important for chemical based experiments especially because of the corrosive chemicals that are used during these experiments. 

  1. Adjustable Load Bearing Chairs. 

These chairs are a necessity for every single lab. It is a non-negotiable piece of furniture that provides some much needed support to the scientists. These chairs provide strong lumbar support and the wheels allow the scientists to travel over short distances without having to get up. These chairs allow the scientists to take the load off. 

  1. Metal Lab Stools. 

These metal stools are easy to maintain and are ideal for scientists to plop onto quickly while waiting for their processes to complete. These chairs are incredibly comfortable and allow the scientists to wheel across the lab floor without getting caught in the grooves.

  1. Three Way Bench-top Stainless Steel Gooseneck Faucet. 

These types of faucets are incredibly useful and important in labs where chemical based experiments and biological experiments are carried out. These faucets have high pressures and are hence subject to caution when being used. 

lab furniture manufacturers malaysia