Frozen Food Is Not for Children

By | January 3, 2020

Frozen Food – Is it good for children?

If previously, we always talked about how good frozen food is, today, we will discuss the negative side of the food to the kids. Most parents will feed their kids with frozen food like hot dogs, nuggets, and crab sticks. The reason is preparing this food is easy, and many kids are loves to eat such food.

Kids will be just kids

But the kids are just kids; they did not have the same metabolism as the adults. Maybe because of this, many kids are facing weight problems nowadays. This is because frozen food contains high calories and fat, which is not suitable for kids.

Another problem I realize is, if the parents keep feeding their children with this kind of food, kids have the tendency to reject or eat healthy food. They might don’t want to eat fresh poultry, meat, or in my case; children will refuse to eat vegetables.

Because of this, many of the children did not get the nutrition or vitamins needed for growth. To the worse, some of them have diseases like obesity, heart problems, and diabetics. How poor, being young yet also have an illness.

We, as adults, parents, or future parents, must realize that frozen food is not suitable for the health of children. As a parent, no matter how tired you are because of working, spent some time to cook decent food for your children. It does not have to be expensive or extravagant, as long as it is healthy and not frozen food, it is good enough. People out there, frozen food may be suitable for adults, but not for children. Whether it was halal meat Singapore or any other frozen food brands, it is still not ideal for children.

You can watch this video below for tips on making home-made frozen food: